Before making any recommendations, our system design specialists will work with you to carefully analyze your operational requirements and identify current issues to determine your specific solution. In other words, we want to understand your business needs and provide a design with those in mind.


Our award-winning engineering department can design your warehouse solution from beginning to end, including hardware, controls, electronics, and pneumatics. We will take care of every facet to create a design which will have your operation running smoothly and assist in increasing your overall efficiency.


As part of the engineering effort, we will bring your design to life, so you can see exactly how every part of your system will operate before you make the decision to move forward. We feel that this is an integral part of the process in order to show full system layout as well as exactly how we are helping to solve your issues.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality is an engineering tool that will allow the customer to “walk” through their completed warehouse design to evaluate the flow and positioning of items so that changes can be made prior to the beginning of installation. This could also be used to determine interactions within the warehouse, to maximize safety.

Service and Support

From the smallest component to the largest carrier, Logimotion solutions are unsurpassed in performance and reliability. We have built our reputation on a constant commitment to quality. If you have any concerns, simply contact us and we will get your system back up and running in minimal time.

PC/PLC Installation

Your control system will be designed and assembled by our team of electrical engineers. Once assembly is completed, we will run quality checks to ensure your new system is running optimally; our installation team will then connect the controller to the installed hardware and complete another quality check prior to sign-off.

Online Shopping

In order to better service our customers, we have created a hassle-free user experience that will allow you to easily view, order and pay for items, as well as create a profile for faster checkout on future purchases. Take advantage of 24-hour shipment, available on the majority of our products!

Hardware Installation

Installation will be completed by our highly trained staff, which has over 30 years of experience in field installations. Whether it is mechanical, electrical or pneumatic installations, you can be sure that our team will exceed your expectations and install your solution with unsurpassed quality and professionalism.

Quality and Commitment

From concept to design, manufacture to installation, a professional from Logimotion is at your service. Our sales engineers are fully qualified specialists with extensive experience solving common problems in a wide range of industries and markets.

Next Steps...

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